These part grain recipe packs consist of a beer concentrate (plus extra malt extract or dextrose for some higher alcohol beers) plus 2.5 kg of grain. Hops and dried yeast to suit are offered as related products in the full product listing. To keep things simple I have specified just one hop for each recipe. You can use other/extra hops if you have them.

The recipes set out first the beer concentrate, the malt and mash temperature, the hop schedule, and then the preferred yeasts. For the lager styles a suitable ale yeast is also specified if you can't cold ferment with a lager yeast.

To brew these beers you will need

  • stock pot - preferably 15 to 20 litres. Stainless stock pots like this are available at K-Mart, Big W, Target etc for around $20
  • a grain bag to fit the pot
  • a thermometer, plus
  • your usual fermenting gear

Here are the instructions  to brew with this method.

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Amarillo Ale

Amarillo Ale Morgans Canadian IPA CaraHell 175 g Vienna malt 600 g Pilsner malt 1725 g Mash @ 65 deg..


American Brown Ale

American Brown AleThomas Coopers Amber Ale Chocolate malt 50g Crystal malt 150 g Amber malt 300g Ale..


American IPA

American IPACoopers IPA500 grams dried malt extractAmber malt 50gMedium crystal malt 250gMunich malt..


American Pale Ale

American Pale Ale Morgans Canadian Pale Ale Crystal 150 g Munich 350 g Ale 2000 g Mash @ 66 degrees ..


Bavarian wheat beer

Bavarian Wheat Beer Coopers "Preachers" Hefe Wheat Pilsner malt 1000g Wheat malt 1500g Mash @ 67 deg..


Belgian Abbey Ale

Belgian Abbey Ale Morgans Canadian IPA Coopers Light Malt extract 1.5 kg Dextrose 500 g (add late in..


Citra Bomb

Citra BombBlack Rock American Pale AleCaraRed 200 gVienna Malt 800 gAle malt 20000 gMash @ 65 degCit..


Cologne Style Ale

Cologne Style Ale Morgnas Canadian Light Carapils 150 g Vienna malt 250 g Wheat malt 400 g Pilsner m..


Dusseldorf Alt Bier

Dusseldorf Alt BeerBlack Rock Nut Brown Ale Carafa Special 3  50 g Wheat malt 250 g Munich malt..


English Special Bitter

English Special Bitter Coopers English Bitter Chocolate malt 30 g Crystal 170 g Flaked maize 200 g A..


Hunter Old (Black Ale)

Hunter Old (Black Ale) Morgans Australian Old Roast malt 50 g Chocolate malt 150 g Crystal malt 200g..


Irish Stout

Irish Stout Coopers Irish Stout Roast barley 150 g Crystal malt 150 g Flaked barley 300 g Ale malt 2..


Pacific Ale

Pacific AleMorgans Pacific AleCarapils 100gWheat malt 400gPilsner malt 2000gMash @ 66 degGalaxy 15 g..


Pilsner - Bohemian/Czech

Pilsner – BohemianCoopers "86 Days: Pilsener Carapils 175 g Munich malt 350 g Pilsner malt 2000 g Ma..


Pilsner - German

Pilsner – GermanBlack Rock Pilsener Blonde Carapils 50 g Flaked barley 350 g Pilsner malt 2100 g Mas..