These part grain recipe packs consist of a beer concentrate (plus extra malt extract or dextrose for some higher alcohol beers) plus 2.5 kg of grain. Hops and dried yeast to suit are offered as related products in the full product listing. To keep things simple I have specified just one hop for each recipe. You can use other/extra hops if you have them.

The recipes set out first the beer concentrate, the malt and mash temperature, the hop schedule, and then the preferred yeasts. For the lager styles a suitable ale yeast is also specified if you can't cold ferment with a lager yeast.

To brew these beers you will need

  • stock pot - preferably 15 to 20 litres. Stainless stock pots like this are available at K-Mart, Big W, Target etc for around $20
  • a grain bag to fit the pot
  • a thermometer, plus
  • your usual fermenting gear

Here are the instructions  to brew with this method.

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Smokey Red Ale

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