Absolute Homebrew stocks  Barret and Burston malts from Australia, Bestmalz from Germany, Bairds and Thomas Fawcetts from the UK.

You can buy grain in several ways

  • by the individual variety. Listed prices are per 100 grams for amounts up to 2 kg. There is a price drop at 2 kg, and again at 10 kg. The software will automatically adjust the price. The minimum buy amount per grain is 500 grams. To help keep our prices down, crushing is extra at 20 cents per kg.
  • use the Grain Bill Builder to buy the exact amount of grain you need for each ingredient in a recipe. The prices are the same for individual varieties in the 2 to 10 kg range. Again, to keep prices down crushing is charged at 20 cents per kg
  • if you want to brew a particular style but are not sure of a recipe then choose one of our recipes. The ingredients are given as percentages, just enter  the amount you need for the volume you want to brew, and the efficiency of your equipment. These recipe blends are sold by the 100 grams with a minimum buy amount of 1.5kg.
  • by the whole bag. Delivery within NSW is with Fastway.

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