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Acid test kit

For determining the acidity of wine by titration, includes narrow range pH papers...


Alcometer (short) with test jar

Alla brand, made in France. Short alcometer for testing the alcohol content of spirits. Not suitabl..


Alcometer, long no test jar

Scientific hydrometer, more accurate and easier to read than the standard brewer's hydrometer...


Eye-dropper, 3 ml

Plastic 3 ml graduated eye-dropper...


Hydrometer - brewer's with test jar

Made by Alla, France. Three scale hydrometer: specific gravity, potential alchol, and grams of sugar..


Hydrometer test jar



Jug, 1 litre measuring



Jug, 3 litre measuring



Jug, 5 litre measuring



Measuring cup

Plastic 60 ml measuring cup...





Thermometer, bi-metal

Bi metal analogue thermometer with 75 mm dial and long stem. Supplied with mounting nut and silicone..


Thermometer, red spirit

300 mm red spirit glass thermometer. -10 deg C to 110 deg C. ..