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Calcium carbonate, 150 grams

To increase mash pH for dark beers. ..


Calcium chloride, 150 grams

For adding calcium to the mash for pale lager styles. Use in conjunction with calcium sulphate for h..


Calcium sulphate, 150 grams

For hardening the water for brewing English style beers. Use in kit, extract or mashed beers. Add to..


Carbonation drops



Dry enzyme

For making dry and low-carb beers. Add with the yeast. Finishing gravities will be quite low when u..





Irish Moss

Kettle finings..


Isinglass 1 litre

The classic finings. Sufficient for 200 to 250 litres of beer, or wine...


Lactic acid 250 ml

For acidifying mash and sparge water...


Liquorice Extract 30mL



PVPP or polyclar 70 grams

Treatment for chill haze...


Yeast nutrient, 4 grams



Yeast nutrient, Wyeast