Important, please read before ordering a grain bill

These grain bill builders allow you to build a grain bill with the exact amounts of each malt you need.

1. The amounts are by the gram. The gram prices vary from 0.38 cents to 0.60 cents. These prices are the same as the individual malts at the 2 kg to 9.99 kg rate.

2. If you want to order more than one grain bill then please use a different builder for each grain bill ie Grain Bill One, Grain Bill Two etc. otherwise the software will throw everything in together.

3. The minimum buy weight for the builders is 1.5 kg.

4. Crushing is an optional extra at 20 cents per kilogram. This helps keep prices down. If you have bought a mill then there should be some financial benefits.

There are about 40 malts on the list. They are grouped by type and listed in this order:

  • Australian base malts
  • Imported base malts
  • Caramel/crystal malts
  • Roasted malts
  • Special malts: Abbey, acidulated, aromatic, biscuit, melanoidin, rye, smoked, Special W (Weyermann equivalent of Special B)
  • Adjuncts

There are no products to list in this category.