Bohemian Pilsner 1  (per 100 grams)
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Choice of either Barrett Burston (Aus) pale malt, or Weyermann (Ger) Pilsner malt

Acid malt 1%
Carapils 4%
Munich malt 10%
Pilsner malt 85%

Original gravity 1046 - 48, finishing gravity 1012. ABV 4.5%

At 240 LDK (77% mash efficiency) 200 grams per litre
At 200 LDK (65% mash efficiency) 240 grams per litre

Mash temperature 66 degrees C.

Bitterness 40 IBU, Saaz is the signature hop for the style, use plenty in late additions. Magnum or Perle can be used as a bittering hop.

Ferment cold with either Saflager W-34/70, Wyeast 2278, or a suitable Whitelabs strain. There is a discussion about the temperature range for W-34/70. Commercially it is sometimes fermented warm to brew ale styles. There is a view you can also ferment lager styles at warmer temperatures with W-34/70. I can't say anything either way, However I suspect temperature stability would be more important at warmer temperatures.

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