Safale US-05$6American dry finishing ale yeast, somewhat powdery. Neutral character, brings up hop character. Preferred yeast for American and New World styles.
Safale S-04$6English ale yeast, finishes slightly sweet and clears well. Good mouthfeel with very light ester character.
Safale K-97$6German ale yeast from Duseldorf. Very dry finish, and very powdery. Beers will take some time to clear but will condition quickly. Will ferment down to 13 degrees. Good choice for Cologne style ale (Kolsch), Duseldorf alt bier, Belgian style white beer (wit).
Safwheat WB-06$7Bavarian style wheat beer yeast
Saflager W/34-70$8Versatile lager yeast. Ferment at around 10 to 12 degrees for clean lager character with great structure on the palate. Fermenting at warmer temperatures will retain neutral character but bring out a softness in the finished beer.