Keg System Package (Premium)
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Product Code: PremKegSys

This is our premium keg system package we have put together by sourcing the components from various suppliers.

The system is:

  • 2 x 19 litre Cornelius style kegs with ball lock fittings, rubber base and rubber handles. The kegs are rated to 900 kPa (130 psi) and have a pressure relief valve.
  • Double gauge MicroMatic regulator with pressure relief valve and ball valve - made in the EU
  • Stainless steel Intertap brand beer tap. The tap is forward sealing and has a superior hygienic design. Supplied with chrome plated long shank. A stainless steel shank is available as an extra.
  • 2 x disconnects to attach the beer and gas lines to the kegs. These are CMB brand disconnects from Germany.
  • 2 metres 6 x 10 mm gas line, 3 metres 5 x 8 mm beer line. These are professional quality Valpar brand lines made specifically for beer plumbing.
  • 3 x 11 mm and 3 x 10 mm Oetiker stepless clamps to secure the gas and beer lines (2 of each are needed, 1 of each are supplied as spares)

The system can also be supplied with a stainless steel Andale beer gun (made in Australia), or with 9.5 litre kegs

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