Grain – recipe blend per 100 grams




Please order the total grain bill in increments of 100 grams. Specify the actual amounts for each grain in the instructions/notes at the checkout, use only the malts listed below. By default the grain will be crushed. Tell me if you want it whole.

Please order by 10am Fridays for pick-up that afternoon or over the weekend.

  • Gladfield Pilsner malt
  • Gladfield Ale malt
  • Gladfield Vienna malt
  • Gladfiled Munich malt
  • Gladfield Wheat malt
  • Gladfield Gladiator malt – equivalent to Carapils
  • Gladfield Light Crystal – approx 110 ebc
  • Gladfield Biscuit/Amber malt – a dry biscuity tasting malt, 65 ebc
  • Gladfield Eclipse Wheat – roasted malted wheat, approx 1400 ebc
  • Gladfield Super Nova – a sweeter roasted malt, approx 115 ebc

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