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Samuel Willards Gold Star Big Cat Bourbon

Rich amber in colour with notes of anise, peach and raisin, finishing with honey aromas. A good mi..


Samuel Willards Premium Ambrosia Whisky

Samuel Willard’s Premium Ambrosia Whisky it is a good, well balanced, single Malt Scotch Whiskey. Th..


Samuel Willards Gold Star Kentucky Bourbon

A fine balance of corn, rye and barley ensure a finished spirit reminiscent of a Kentucky Style Bo..


Samuel Willards Premium Bombay

A premium tasting Bombay Sapphire Gin with selected botanical ingredients, Samuel Willards Bombay Gi..


Samuel Willards Gold Star Tennessee Bourbon

In the style of its first cousin, Jack Daniel’s, this Bourbon is brimming with richness and notes ..


Samuel Willards Premium Highlanders Whisky

Samuel Willard’s nod to Scots tradition has a rich, full-bodied nose and a perfect golden honey colo..


Samuel Willards Gold Star Wild Duck Bourbon

Here’s one for the Bourbon drinkers in the style of the famous “Wild Turkey”. Typically drunk over..


Samuel Willards Premium Jamaican Rum

A rich caramel colour, Jamaican Dark Rum gives a rich full flavour to create a Caribbean favourite. ..


Samuel Willards Gold Star Irish Whisky

A well defined balance of malt and a softness brought on by quality grain, all wrapped up in a sub..


Samuel Willards Premium Kentucky Bourbon

In the style of Jim Beam, our premium Kentucky Bourbon has the smokiness and grainy attributes for a..