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Samuel Willards Gold Star White Rum

Samuel Willard’s White Rum is typical of many commercial light style Rums. The definitive flavour ..


Samuel Willards Premium White Rum

A dry light-bodied white rum lightly sweet in flavour yet crisp in the style of Bacardi. Great in co..


Willards Premium Carbon

500 grams of granulated carbon with little dust. For use in filters or for contact treatment...


Samuel Willards Gold Star Red Neck Tequila

Get your Sombrero out now to enjoy this clean, crisp tequila. Featuring aromas filled with pepper,..


Samuel Willards Smooth Bourbon

Our Smooth Bourbon has a slight hint of vanilla with floral notes. Initially sweet, then developing ..


Samuel Willards Gold Star Chili Vodka

Not a great deal of explanation required for this little beauty, try using this in your next “Bloo..


Samuel Willards Smooth Rum

In the Style of Bundaberg Red, this true Queensland Rum features attractive aromas of spices with n..


Samuel Willards Gold Star Kremlin Vodka

Another great European drink. In the true sense of a vodka, Samuel Willard’s Kremlin Vodka deliver..


Samuel Willards Smooth Whisky

This essence rivals the best of whiskys, rich and concentrated, the first impression is of the subtl..


Samuel Willards Gold Star Lemon Vodka

Yet another great variation of flavoured vodka, try using this in your next vodka and tonic for a ..