Standard brewing kit
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Standard brewing kit for beer, cider, or alcoholic ginger beer.

Contains 30 litre fermenter with tap, airlock and strip thermometer, ingredients, Iodophor sanitiser, hydrometer, mixing spoon, bottle brush, carbonation drops, bottle filling tube with valve, crown seals, hand capper and of course instructions and back up help.

Standard beer ingredients are any beer concentrate less than $20.00 plus a one kilogram malt blend of 500 grams dried malt extract, 500 grams dextrose. Please tell us what type of beer you want at the checkout. The default beer concentrate is Morgans Australian Draught. Makes 22 litres.

Ginger beer ingredients are Morgans Ginger Beer concentrate plus one kilogram of dextrose. Makes 20 litres

Cider ingredients are Black Rock Cider concentrate plus one kilogram of Brew Booster malt blend. Makes 22 litres.

Whatever you brew, allow 7 to 10 days for fermentation, and then another two, preferably three, weeks in the bottle to gas up and condition. Your beer, cider or ginger beer will continue to improve in the bottle for several more months.

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