Deluxe brewing kit
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Contains 30 litre fermenter with tap, airlock and strip thermometer, bottle brush, hydrometer, Iodophor sanitiser, brewer's detergent, lever operated bench capper, 200 crown seals, bottle filler with spring loaded valve, carbonation drops, sugar measure, funnel, horse hair bottle brush, ingredients, instructions and back up help.

The kit is supplied with a choice of one of the Thomas Coopers Craft Series beer concentrates and 1.5 kg Thomas Coopers liquid malt extract to suit (pale, amber or wheat) to make a pure malt beer. These are premium beek kits and are supplied with a specialist yeast to suit the style of beer. They make 22 litres. Available styles include American Pale and Amber Ales, American IPA, Pilsner, Ruby Porter, Sparkling Ale, and Belgian Wheat beer.

The kit can also be supplied with a Black Rock cider, or Morgans Ginger Beer concentrate with 1 kg of Brew Booster.





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