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Boxed starter kit from Morgans. Contains 30 litre fermenter with tap, airlock and strip thermometer, sanitiser, detergent, ingredients, mixing spoon,bottle brush, bottle filler, carbonation drops, 30 x 750 ml brown plastic (PET) bottles with caps, instruction booklet, and ingredients for beer, cider or ginger beer.

The kit produces about 22 litres of beer (two and a half cartons). Fermentation time will be about 7 to 10 days depending on the conditions. Allow two to three weeks in the bottle for the beer to gas up and condition. The beer will continue to improve in the bottle.

The beer kit is supplied with a 1.7 kg tin of Morgans Blue Mountain Lager and 1 kg of Body Brew dextrose and maltodextrin blend.

You can also choose cider or ginger beer with this starter kit.

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