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Gin Botanicals

A blend of juniper berries, coriander seeds, liquorice root and citrus peels used to make gin. From ..


Alpha Amylase



Still Spirits Classic American Bourbon (makes 2.25 litres)

A smooth, rich bourbon with the strong aroma of peach wood barrel oak. A superior bourbon, ideal for..


Still Spirits Icon Aranncello Top Up Liqueur Kit 375g

A liqueur produced from oranges of Sicily. Lesser known than Limoncello but popular in Italy. Displa..


Still Spirits Premium Whiskey Profile Kit

Flavour notes like peat, oak, sherry, grain and fruity esters are just some of the notes that make..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Absinthe essence

Popular with artisans of the 1900's. Add sugar and water and wait for the 'Green Fairy' to be unleas..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Advocaat Cream

A Creamy custard liqueur with a smooth vanilla flavour...


Still Spirits Air Still carbon cartridges

Box of 10 small carbon cartridges for the Air Still filter. Each cartridge will filter/treat appr..


Still Spirits Classic Blue Jewel Gin Sachet (Makes 2.25 L)

Creates an exceptionally smooth citrus gin. Full of complex aromatic spices and a touch of sweetness..


Still Spirits Cream Base 400 grams

Gives the ideal finished thickness and sweetness to Cream Liqueurs. Add 250mls warm water to large m..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Apple Brandy

Distinctive fruity apple flavours, followed by rich brandy notes. Similar to Calvados Brandy.%0 ml b..


Still Spirits Tops Shelf Amaretto

A liqueur with a sweet, rich almond flavour popular in the Northern region of Italy. Uses Still Spir..