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Still Spirits Top Shelf Apple Schnapps

A crisp clean apple schnapps liqueur with the rich taste of Granny Smith apples...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Aussie Red Rum essence

This coloured rum is super smooth while retaining all the burnt sugar and American white oak charact..


Top Shelf Whiskey Profile "C"

Used as a base for making Whiskey in the Whiskey Profile Kit. Refer to the recipe booklet provided..


Botanical basket

From Still Spirits, to use with their T500 reflux and Alembic pot condensors. The basket holds the b..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Apricot Brandy

A brandy liqueur that has the fresh taste of infused fresh apricots. Uses Still Spirits Liqueur Base..


Still Spirits Air Still fermentation kit

For use with the Turbo Air Still system. Contains all the ingredients to produce 10 litres of was..


Still Spirits Alembic Copper Dome

This alembic copper domed top fits on to your Still Spirits T500 Boiler. This can be used in place o..


Still Spirits Classic Dark Jamaican Rum

A smooth, mellow traditional dark rum. Full of flavour and warm to taste, this Caribbean favourite..


Still Spirits EZ Filter washers (packet of 10)

Used in the EZ filter. Use one at each end of the filter cartridge. Replace when washer no longer ..


Still Spirits Icon Cafelua Top Up Liqueur Kit

Coffee Liqueur with the rich, bold flavours and aromas of Mexican coffee beans. Just add alcohol and..


Still Spirits Liqueur Base C 320 grams

Powdered base which gives the ideal finished thickness and sweetness to Liqueurs. Add alcohol as ind..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Bourbon essence

A dry style of bourbon with full flavour, typical of the well aged sour mash whiskys...