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Top Shelf Cereal Notes

Often described as grainy, these flavour notes are a part of any grain spirit and are contained in..


Still Spirits Classic Navy Dark Rum (makes 2.25 L)

A dark, sweet, mellow rum styled on the seafaring rums of old. Often produced as overproof for bet..


Still Spirits Fast Turbo Yeast

Will ferment 6 kg of sugar in 24 hours...


Still Spirits Icon Cream Liqueur Base 160 grams

INSTRUCTIONS In a mixing jug add 200mls (6.8oz) of water and 200mls (6.8oz) of vodka or filtered alc..


Still Spirits Mellow Oak

Oak Extract Used to Oak age spirits and wines. Ideal for Brandy, Whiskey, Dark Rum and Bourbon. Add..


Still Spirits T500 Thermometer

Thermometer to suit both current and older Turbo 500 condensors. Still Spirits no longer supplies t..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Butterscotch Cream

A very popular, easy drinking cream liqueur...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Dry Gin

A dry English style gin for the connoisseur. It has a lovely rich juniper aroma and taste. ..


Top Shelf Fruity Esters

Fruity esters are prominent on the nose more than anywhere else. They add a great deal to that Whisk..


Still Spirits Classic Queensland Gold Rum (makes 2.25 L)

A mellow rum with subtle tones of liquorice, golden syrup and molasses. The distinctive taste of A..


Still Spirits Heat Turbo Yeast

The only Turbo yeast to use when the air temperature is above 30C. Delivers excellent quality alcoh..


Still Spirits Icon Limoncello Top Up Liqueur Kit

A liqueur produced from lemons from Amalfitana. Has a very fresh lemon citrus flavour with a good ba..