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Still Spirits Smoothing Syrup

Use to treat spirits which have a rough or raw edge to them. ..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Butterscotch Schnapps

Schnapps with the flavour of butterscotch. Also fantastic with Irish Cream 50/50. ..


Still Spirits Top Shelf French Brandy

An excellent complex Napoleon brandy style, very smooth and mellow. ..


Top Shelf Oak Cask

A distinctive rounded oak cask flavour which is a main component in most whiskies. ..


Still Spirits Classic Single Malt Whiskey (makes 2.25 L)

This quintessential example of Speyside single malt style essence gives light fruit notes and a sm..


Still Spirits Icon Peach Schnapps Top Up Liqueur Kit

A sweet, clear liqueur with a soft flavour and the aroma of fresh peaches. Just add alcohol and wate..


Still Spirits Pure Turbo Yeast

A breakthrough in Turbo Yeast Development making it possible to produce "triple distilled" quality a..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Cafelua

A coffee based liqueur with a rich, fresh coffee flavour from Mexico. Uses Still Spirits Liqueur Ba..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Honey Bourbon

All the major Bourbon Brands now offer a delicious alternative to traditional bourbon known as Honey..


Top Shelf Peat Smoke

A strong almost pungent peat smoke flavour that is a very prominent flavour note from Scottish Whi..


Still Spirits Classic Spiced Gold Rum Sachet (Makes 2.25L)

Creates a smooth, honey coloured rum combined with warm spices and dark caramel notes...


Still Spirits Icon Southern Smooth Top Up Liqueur Kit

This sweet, fruity, bourbon liqueur is very popular in the southern states of America. Just add alco..