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Still Spirits Top Shelf Candy Shots

A liqueur with a sweet confectionary flavour. Uses Still Spirits Liqueur Base A. ..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Irish Whiskey

A typical Irish whisky: smooth and very mellow with overtones of sherry and vanilla. ..


Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator

We’re all familiar with having to try and keep someone from flushing the toilet or turning the dish..


Top Shelf Premium French Oak

Used to Oak age spirits and wines. Ideal for Brandy, Whiskey, Dark Rum and Bourbon. Add 1 to 5 mls p..


Still Spirits Classic Tennessee Bourbon (makes 2.25 L)

A full flavoured sour mash whisky stacked with distinctive aromas, and yet mellow and smooth. A gr..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Cappuccino

A cream liqueur with a rich coffee & delicate chocolate flavour...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Jamaican Gold Rum

Complex vanilla, caramel and sweet notes with a strong oaky flavour. Similar to Appleton’s Jamaican ..


Still Spirits Turbo Air Still

Air cooled still, 4 litre capacity, 220 volts, 320 watts...


Top Shelf Sweet Vanillin

As the name suggests, this imparts a sweet vanilla flavour often found in Whiskey that has been barr..


Still Spirits Air Still Companion Pack

Contains a 10 litre fermenting vessel with lid and tap, along with the Air Still filter, collecting ..


Still Spirits Classic VSOP (makes 2.25 L)

A smooth, rounded flavour with subtle fragrances and delicate colour. With its distinctive grape a..


Still Spirits Top Shelf Caranilla Cream

A delicious blend of vanilla and sweet caramel produce this mouthwatering cream liqueur...


Still Spirits Top Shelf Jamaican Rum

Full of the rich dark molasses tones for a traditional full Jamaican flavour ..


Still Spirits Air Still Filter & Collector

Contains the Air Still filter and a collecting/measuring jug. ..