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Danstar Nottingham

Fairly clean and attenuative English ale yeast, clears well..


Brewer's yeast, 5 grams

Dried ale yeast 5 grams. A robust and versatile yeast. ..


Safale S-04, 11.5 grams

English ale strain, ferments strongly and leaves a very compact sediment. Fairly neutral fermentatio..


Safale US-05, 11.5 grams

Famous Californian strain of ale yeast. Accentuates hop character. Will take a little longer to clea..


Safale K-97, 11.5 grams

German ale yeast selected for its ability to form a large firm head when fermenting. Suitable to bre..


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Safale BE-256. 11.5 grams

Active dry yeast recommended to brew a diversity of beers amongst which abbey style beers known for ..


Safbrew T-58, 11.5 grams

Spicy and phenolic, excellent for strong Belgian style ales...


Safbrew WB-06, 11.5 grams

Newly available dried wheat yeast, ideal for Bavarian style wheat beers. ..


Saflager S-189, 11.5 grams

Originating from the Hürlimann brewery in Switzerland. This lager strain’s attenuation profile allow..


Saflager S-23, 11.5 grams

Lager strain from VLB in Berlin, can produce sulphur but this will dissipate with maturation. Said t..


Saflager W/34-70, 11.5 grams

The famous Weinstephan 34-70 strain of lager yeast, one of the most widely used strains in Europe, e..


Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series Yeast Mead M05 (10g)

A high ester-producing strain conferring fresh, floral esters, especially when fermented cool. This ..


Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Yeast M36 Liberty Bell Ale (10g)

A top fermenting ale yeast suitable for a wide variety of hoppy and distinctive style beers. This st..


Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Yeast M42 - New World Strong Ale (10g)

A top - fermenting ale strain suitable for many types of ales of all strengths. Ferments with a neut..


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